Mitzvah Maker - 2239

Mitzvah Maker – 2239

Mitzvah Maker - 2239

What is the primary function of 2239?
The primary function of 2239 is to connect young Jews looking for friendship, love, and religious practice through exciting events and activities in and around DC.

Did you know that 2239 is a prime number?
Wow!  No, I did not.

What is going to be the best part about your BBQ this weekend?
Watching Celeste Starchild perform, as well as all the Jews having fun!

What one Jewish song would you play if you were DJ-ing the BBQ?
A rap/dance version of “Hinei Mah Tov.”  Does one exist?

If you were going to write a memoir about being the Chair of 2239, what would you title it?
“Jews Just Wanna Have Fun: The life and times of a 2239 Chair”

Where can we find more information about 2239?
For more information about 2239 join the 2239 Facebook group or click on the following link:

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