Diet Coke Cake

Jill Aronovitz
Diet Coke Cake
June 15, 2010

No one believes me that two ingredients can make a cake, let alone a delicious one! I first learned of diet coke cake from my roommates during my sophomore year of college. I didn’t believe them until I made one myself. Not only is it the easiest recipe, but it’s amazing. I’ve been making the cake ever since, and I’ve yet to hear a complaint. People now expect me to bring a diet coke cake to parties and other events. Once you make a diet coke cake, you will not want to make any other dessert for a long time.

There are numerous ingredients you can add to the cake. The base is diet soda and any flavor cake mix, but you can add chocolate chips, fresh fruit, food coloring, and other candies. I promise you, you will not be able to taste the diet coke in the cake.

Chocolate cake:
11oz diet coke/pepsi (your preference)
1 box chocolate cake mix

Vanilla cake:
11 oz fruit flavored diet soda
1 box vanilla cake mix

Pour cake mix into large bowl. Add the soda and mix together. Keep adding the liquid to the mix until it becomes the consistency of cake batter. The mix usually takes a bit less than the 11 oz. If you want to add other ingredients, add them now. Pour mix into a greased cake pan and follow the baking directions on the back of the mix box. It’s that easy!

After the cake is done baking, let it cool and then decorate it. For those who are calorie conscious, the beauty of the cake is that you only get the calories from the cake mix itself, not the eggs and oil found in a normal cake. Extra bonus: it’s vegan!

Jill Aronovitz is a staff writer for Gather The Jews.

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