Jewish Guy - Moshe

Jewish Guy – Moshe

Jewish Guy - Moshe

If you could have had the starring role in one film already made, which movie would you pick? (Would it maybe have your clone Freddie Prinze, Jr. in it?)
This is a tough question, but I would probably have to go with a childhood favorite. I would be Bernie from Weekend at Bernie’s II.

You were just given a yacht. What would you name it?
I would name my yacht Kayser Soze.

What kind of hat describes your personality?
I’ve really only worn two types of hats throughout my life. First, I have worn sports caps and this reflects my love for sports. Second, I used to wear a Bucharian kippah to Jewish day school, and this reflects my pride and interest in my cultural background.

Challah french toast or regular french toast?
Neither. Even though my Mom is French, I have never liked any kind of french toast. My ideal breakfast would be croissant, Israeli salad, and feta cheese.

If you could go bowling with any three people Jewish people- dead or alive- Who would you take and why?
I would choose the following three people:
1 Viktor Frankl -Inspirational therapist and philosopher
2 Baba Sali-Miracle working Rabbi
3a Goldberg from the Mighty Ducks- I’d want to know if it was hard being the only Jewish player on the team.
3b Larry David-Funniest comedian and biggest schlemiel of our generation.

Are things really bigger in Texas?
Everything ranging from football stadiums to cities to people, things are usually bigger in Texas.

What do you like most about Shabbat dinner at 6th and I Historic synagogue?
My favorite things about Sixth and I Shabbat dinners are the people and atmosphere. It is a great way to meet young Jewish people that share a common bond-Shabbat dinner.  Plus, the Rabbis and food are
great as well.

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