Review of 6th Street Minyan Friday Night Service

Stephen Richer
Review of 6th Street Minyan Friday Night Service (4/2/2010  6:30 – 8:30 pm)

Event Summary

The newly founded 6th Street Minyan met for the second time this past Friday.  Despite a Passover week that was undoubtedly wearying for many, approximately 75 people showed up for the organization’s services and social hour.  Located at the second floor of the Sixth and I annex (the non temple part), the room proved a tight fit for some of the late comers.

A casual atmosphere was encouraged by the group’s mixed (male/female) circular seating.  The vast majority of attendants were in their 20s and 30s, although the event did see a wider age range than is often found at services at Sixth and I.

The leaders of the organization—Ben Bernstein, Annie Lumerman, and Allison Adges—guided everyone through the Hebrew service, occasionally adding personal touches, such as one part where participants were invited to take turns leading the song to different tunes.

Half way through the service, 6th Street Minyan member Adam Weissman offered his insight on Passover.  “Change,” he said, “can be very difficult.”  The people of Israel were reluctant to abandon their situation as slaves in Egypt—despite its horrors—because it is difficult to give up that which is familiar.  Even when the Israelites escaped and were granted freedom, some of them complained, unused to their new circumstances.  In many ways, Adam argued, this situation parallels today’s American society.

Following the services, attendants mingled while eating matzah, potato salad, tuna salad, and a superb chocolate mousse.

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