Newsletter 4

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Team Jewish,

Welcome to week four of Gather The Jews!

The health care bill passed.  Kansas lost.  Israel and the United States disagreed.  Sandra Bullock is now single according to Facebook.

Celebrate or bemoan these events with some of your fellow Jews at an upcoming Passover Seder, Shabbat dinner, or other Jewish opportunity.

As always, full event details and other events can be found on our website

Passover Seders:

If you don’t have plans for Passover yet, be sure to check out our new webpage dedicated to Passover events in Washington, D.C.

Click here.

Shabbat Options (3/26/2010)

1) What: Downtown Shabbat with Larry Paul & Robyn Helzner
Where: Sixth & I Synagogue
When: 6:00 pm – Drinks and appetizers.  6:45 – Services.  8:00 – Dinner.
Theme: “Join musician Robyn Helzner, one of the leading interpreters of world Jewish music, and Cantor Larry Paul for this spirited, musical, Carlebach-inspired service.”


2) What: DC Minyan Shabbat Services

Where: DC  JCC

When: 6:45 pm – 8:15 pm.

Theme: DC Minyan is a traditional egalitarian Jewish community. Seating is separate for men and women without a mechitzah.

Featured Events:

1) What: Chocolate and Wine with Gather The Jews

Where: Biagio Chocolate – 1904 18th Street Northwest DC
When: Thursday, March 25, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm.
Theme: Open only to GTJ newsletter subscribers.  Come enjoy chocolate and kosher wine with GTJ people.


2) What: How to Cook a Passover Seder Dinner with a Spanish Twist – Jewish Professional Network
Where: Contact event administrator
When: Sunday, March 28, 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm.
Theme: “Why not add a different twist to your Passover Seder this year and impress your friends and family with a meal they will never forget?  This evening, we each learn and take on the basics – from A to Z – of making a special Passover Seder Dinner with a unique Spanish Twist!”  Register at

Uncle Samuel Needs You!

Help make Gather The Jews even better.  There are plenty of fun ways to get involved (writing, updating the calendar, organizing events, speaking to Jewish organizations, etc).  If you have free time, talk to us about helping the Jewish community. Write to if you are interested.

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