Event Review: Plays And Frozen Foods — Good for Jews?

Aaron Wolff
Plays And Frozen Foods — Good for Jews?


Good for the Jews?

Before we ask that question, we must ask:

What is good?
What is Jewish?

And can something be good for the Jews?

As a Young Professional Jew in will  DC, I am exploring my own religion, tradition, passions, interests and all that goes along with them.  For some reason, I thought I was the only one.

Wait you do it too?!

Josh Kornbluth has done an amazing job integrating humor, history and religion into a 1 hour 20 minute play about Andy Warhol.  Don’t know who Andy Warhol is?  Stop by the JCC and find out. They have his paintings on display.  Or just pick up a Cambell’s Soup can

A great date for those wanting to laugh and learn.

And afterwards, you can stop by Mr. Yogato.

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