What it means to be part of GTJ.

Aaron Wolff on behalf of the GTJ Leaders
What it means to be part of GTJ.

We have all been talking about the website to everyone we know (both Jews and non Jews).  In the past few days, we have gotten hundreds of people coming to the site with thousands of return visits!  But this site is not about the numbers, it is about the community.

We are continuing to build the community of Jews in DC.  What is great about DC Jews?  In this city, we have some of the most creative, resourceful, innovative, and talented Jews in the world.  And why not have a place where we can feature artists, authors, physicians, politicians, lawyers, athletes, community organizers, teachers, Rabbis … whoever you are and whatever your passion may be?

Gather The Jews is the place where resources are shared and community networks are built.  Gather the Jews is a site for all DC Jews.

Learn about where to go for Shabbat, Passover Seder, meet the highlighted members of the community, and share your photos of friends.

The Jews are Gathering…  and we are glad that you are a part of it.

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