God’s Entrepreneurial Style : Divine Fundrai$ing

God’s Entrepreneurial Style : Divine Fundrai$ing
Joshua Kaller
Ki Tisa – “When you take the sum of the children of Israel according to their number, then they shall give every man a ransom for his soul unto the Lord, when you number them; so that there be no plague among them.”

There is no better way to get people’s money than scare them, and certainly with a plague. Honestly, if a man (or woman) shows up with a taut rubber band, a pair of plastic scissors, and one of those lettuce cutters and asks for my wallet, I will most likely dish it out and run like a rabbit in the opposite direction. (May this not be an invitation for abuse!)

In this weeks Parsha, we see G-d  using a couple of tactics to raise funds for his holy mission. It’s either give or be plagued. I think this is a great strategy for future Entrpreneurs.

Holy Fundraising Tip Number One: Imbue your donors with fear and divine repurcussions if they don’t pony up the cash. Plagues like rashes, boils, and burning bellies are always a good go to for plague choices.

Now, this was G-d’s first line of attack. Knowing that if fear is the only motivation, he might lose some long term donors. And let me tell you, if you’ve ever meet the Goldsteins of Upper Virginia, scare them once with plague, they give; scare them twice with plague, they give; scare them three times – Holy Moly they will be a plague unto you!

So, in order not to feel their wrath, he made sure that the money was going to a good source. Where? This time the money was being used to set up services in the Tent of Meeting (The Moveable Divine Command Center). Now, this is not the first time G-d used this fundraising strategy. He used the Count-Up to Cash-In strategy previously when soliciting funds to make the Sockets for the Tent of Meeting, and also to pay for Communal Sacrifices.

Holy Fundraising Tip Number Two: Count-Up to Cash-In. Establish a counting of your people and make them pay all equally for their place in that space. Ensure that the money goes to something that everyone can use.

We see that G-d is a great Executive Director. If your in the non-profit world, then you understand the difficulties it is in these time in order to make rain fall, and secure your funding for the following year. Well, my fellow social entrepreneurs, why don’t you take a page out of the oldest fund raising book in publication, and sprinkle a little fear into your donors.

This reminds me – Gather The Jews will be hosting a “Counting Party” and you BETTER BE THERE!!!…..or else G-d help you!

More Details to come.

Be in peace.