Yeeehhaaaaww! Abby, a native Texan, moved to town in August and is ready to grab DC by the horns (so to speak!) GatherTheJews is a seamless pairing for this recent UMD grad who loves to intertwine philanthropy, creativity and unsurpassable fun! Abby loves puppies, long walks on the beach and the Lincoln Memorial and is currently trying to tackle all 613 mitzvot.

Jodi — GTJ Staff

Born in the District of Columbia and raised in California, Jodi is directly and alternatingly current. Sometimes even we’re shocked by how plugged in she is. When Jodi is not defending GTJ’s name (it’s from the Torah, people!) you can find her at just about every Jewish event in D.C.


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Jonny Cohen is an undergraduate at the GW School of Business, majoring in finance and economics. He has worked at UBS Financial Services and at SAC Capital, and he is currently an intern at investment bank Blue Heron Capital. Jonny enjoys playing tennis, participating in triathlons, and going out for a night on the town.


Yeah, she is awesome… if you like the website, she is the one to talk to.  If you don’t like the site, please disregard the last comment.

Maya spent her first 22 years in southern CA just waiting for the chance to get out. For a bit. She desperately wanted to live without a car, so she drove East to DC in someone else’s ride and settled down for a few years. After a brief hiatus in Chicago for graduate school, she is back and making things happen. On the Web. So to speak. So she hopes.

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A citizen of four nations who suffers a perennial identity crisis, Michael left his home of 23 years, Hong Kong, in 2007 to try living in a place he thought would be more exotic, the U.S. capital! To his (pleasant) surprise, the culture shock was a positive one – Washington’s international diversity and cultural richness made him feel right at home.

Michael has been a journalist for 13 years and is a self-confessed news junkie. By day, he can be found writing and reporting on the latest global breaking news for the Voice of America. By night, he pursues his other passions – dance, soccer and social organizing. With the help of Facebook and other social media, he created a snowball fight that drew more than 2,000 people to Dupont Circle Park in February 2010 and set a Washington record. Michael also created a World Cup fan festival and public viewing event that brought thousands of people back to the same park four months later.









Mike — GTJ Leadership Team — Director of Technology

Faster than a speeding bullet (so as to run up long escalators), and more powerful than a locomotive (so as to rescue trapped tourists from train doors), Michael is an experienced DC Jew who avoids asking people where they’re from and what they do. He also has the great distinction of having received a special blessing from a Catholic nun. Although he is a native of Delaware, Michael still knows that a bagel is a bay-gal, not a begel. In his spare time, Michael can be found cycling around the DC area.


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The only Sephardic Jew on the staff, he speaks Hebrew, Chinese and oh yeah English.  Besides adventures, traveling, and house music, Moshe also enjoys competing in JCC basketball leagues and meeting new people.


Rob Feldmeier is from New York.  He attended college in Baltimore and law school in North Carolina. Prior to coming to Washington, D.C. in April of 2010, he spent five years abroad, living in Germany, the Middle East and South Korea.  Upon his return to America, he became involved with Chabad and Mesorah DC and may be found at one of the two every Shabbat. He likes running, working out and traveling.


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ScottBorn and raised on the tough streets of unincorporated New Castle County, Delaware, Scott was educated on the even tougher streets of Foggy Bottom.  Now officially a DC young professional (after impersonating one as early as his sophomore year of college), he will often remind anyone who will listen to wear sunscreen.  Scott knows of all great local WiFi spots, where he enjoys deep conversations about the deliciousness of life.  Speaking of food, he always enjoys a good kosher meal and the company who come along with it.


SherylLike Golda Meir and Ruth Bader Ginsburg before her, Sheryl is another trailblazing Jewish woman to make history, in this case by becoming the first ever female tribal member of GTJ! A Speech Pathologist who loves to write, bellydance, travel, and eat with chopsticks, Sheryl won 2nd place for her poem written after visiting Israel with Birthright Israel. Bitten by the travel bug in college, she has lived in 6 countries, and always has her eyes and ears open for new languages, cultural experiences, and cool people all over the globe.